The Flying Ears Sisterhood …beginnings

Isn’t it fun when you plan and dream about something for so long, and it finally comes to fruition?

Goats have been that dream for us at the farm.  And to think it all started with bringing two goats home in the back of an Honda Element (read the post here.).

Here’s the page from my sketchbook documenting “practice milking” with the girls a few weeks back.  How excited we were to see milk coming in!

Flying Ears Sisterhood goat zine
Scenes from my sketchbook.

A  description of the day frame-by-frame:

  • Frame 1: Adam and I walk down to the goats pen to practice milking the lady goats, coffee in hand,  to get them comfortable for the real thing!
  • Frame 2: The scene of the goat pen with milking stand Adam built.
  • Frame 3:  Me “practice milking ” Gidget for the first time, but to my surprise, milk actually CAME OUT!!
  • Frame 4:  We crack open the Does’ Milk Stout homebrew we made to celebrate.  It is a creamy stout that is oh so delicious!

Cheers to planning, practicing, and now full on having a dairy goat herd!

More installments of Adventures of the Flying Ears Sisterhood to come. Stay tuned!


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