Adventures of the Flying Ears Sisterhood

Let the goat adventures begin!

It all started one balmy August evening, with with two goats coming to their new home in the back of a Honda Element.

sally and gidget
Headed home in the back of a Honda Element, August 2014.

Sally, an ornry Nubian-pygmy mix and Gidget, a younger, shy Nubian, were not related.  In protest of being in a confined place with a goat she did not know, Sally began head-butting the smaller Gidget the moment we pulled out of the driveway to head home!  What had we gotten ourselves into?!

Well, we made it home in one piece at about 9pm, and although they escaped from their pen and howled like they were babies being tortured the first few nights, everyone  settled in fine.

Now we are up two five goats, with babies coming any day now! It has been a adventure so far, so we cannot wait to see what unfolds with new babies.

Sally loves a treat!

Of course, I am beyond the moon excited.  I also feel like a new parent! I will be documenting this new adventure in the coming days in the pages of my sketchbook, so I invite you follow along! The working title for the collection is “Adventures of the Flying Sisterhood”.

Have funny goat stories?  Advice?  Words of encouragement as we cross this bridge into the new world of baby goats? Please join the conversation!  I would LOVE to connect  with other goat people.

Baby Gidget being brave…. who is now pregnant and will be kidding any day now!

Happy Wednesday, folks!



3 thoughts on “Adventures of the Flying Ears Sisterhood

    1. They are pretty sweet as far as ears go…like they are flying 🙂 Thanks Sarah for your comment, and watch for oodles of baby goat sketches and photos soon.

      1. Oh yes – flying ears;) Already looking very much forward to your sketches and pictures!! We´ve got some lovely cashmere goats in a near-by park and it can be every day now that their baby goats are coming too! Totally excited about that:) Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

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