Week 8: Willie Nelson

52 Faces Project

A sketch in my Moleskine daily planner of someone who inspires me, once a week, every week, in 2016.


Who: Willie Nelson

What: Country music legend, singer/songwriter, author, poet, and activist.

Where: Born in  Abbott, TX April 29, 1933 (age 82)

My dad loved Willie Nelson.  I called him during a concert of Willie’s I  was at on Fanny Ski Hill at Snowmass Village, Colorado.  My dad was so excited!
Barely audible over the crowd noise through my cell phone, my dad hollered “has he played Pancho and Lefty yet?!”  Still one of my favorite songs, and best one to heard played at a sing-along around a campfire.
Besides having incredible staying power as an American icon, I admire his ability to collaborate, both in music and in social activism.  He has been at the helm of Farm Aid since 1985, organizing the first concert along side Neil Young and John Mellencamp to to raise funds  and awareness about the loss of family farms.

What to join the movement in support of family farms and good food?  Check out the campaign at HOMEGROWN.org

Happy Wednesday, folks!

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