Week 5: Georgia O’Keefe

52  Faces Project

A sketch in my Moleskine planner of an inspiring face , once a week, every week, in 2016.

Week 5 - Georgia OKeefe
Georgia O’Keefe, Micron ink and colored pencil, 2016.

Who?     Georgia O’Keefe

What?     American Painter

Where?   Born Sun Prairie, Wisconsin (1887),  died Santa Fe New Mexico (1986)


Women artist have always inspired me.  As an art history minor in university, I learned of Georgia’s story, and she always had this unspoken strength radiating from her. She was also my first connection to the American Southwest, which I would later fall in love with and spend time in. Her paintings are bold, colorful and have a balanced simplicity that I admire.

Being an accomplished artist in the “man’s world” of art that was common of the day made her one of my favorites.  

And what a name?!

If you made it this far, I enjoy each and each reader who chooses to embark with me on this exploration of inspiration and my personal education as a sketchbook artist.  Week 5 - Georgia OKeefe spread




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