Week 2: Yusuke Onishi

52  Faces Project

A sketch in my Moleskine planner of an inspiring face , once a week, every week, in 2016.

This week’s sketch is the fabulous, opportunity-grabbin’ Yusuke Onishi!

Week 2- Yusuke Onishi FINAL
Yusuke Onishi, Micron ink and watercolor, 2016.



Yusuke Onishi


An incredible enthusiastic, cheerful, intelligent ESL student learning the English language and  culture here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!


Originally from Kobe, Japan.  Currently living in Spokane, Washington


Although he is only one student, really he represents so many students over the years who have inspired me.  They thank me for teaching them English, but they don’t realize how much they have taught me.

Last weekend, Yusuke and I headed to a local cafe, Coeur Coffeehouse, to study for his upcoming TOEFL exam.  This is the language proficiency exam given to non-native English speakers who want to enter a US college or university.  It is really tricky, and I have found in particular that students struggle with the times speaking portion.

After studying for about an hour, I asked Yusuke if I could sketch him.  I warned him there was a very good chance that it would not look at all like him.  Being the fun and brave guy he is, he agreed!  Score!  My first live sketch subject.  Of course being sketched wouldn’t phase this guy…..he came across the globe to experience a new culture and expand his brain.

It turns out, it did end up resembling Yusuke a bit!


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