On forming stellar creative habits…

****This is an excerpt  from a post I wrote back in January of 2013, when I was living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I mention a dear friend who came to visit me, and he lost his father unexpectedly yesterday.  This re-post is dedicated to him, and keeping the creative spirit alive and well, even in trying times.


What is it about humans that makes us creative?

Such a beautiful thing, and so lovely to witness it in people. Sure, I post oodles of art of other people, inspirational quotes or projects, but what am I doing to be creative? Creativity exists in every person I think, and when you explore it, often we are surprised what comes out.

PAINTING / JOURNALING Moleskin Watercolor Journal and Winsor and Newton travel paint set. LOVE.

I had a friend come to visit me this past summer when I was living in the mountains of Colorado.  High up in the mountains, surrounded by nature, he was in awe of the inspiration that surrounded me.

“You are so lucky to be living here.”

And he was right.  I showed him my journal, a black Moleskin watercolor journal with thick, heavy paper pages screaming to have someone put pencil to paper, paint brush to paper, and create.  I have kept journals for years, but rarely show them to anyone. He said they were lovely…..did I do it everyday, he asked?

And a light bulb went off in my brain.  Creativity comes when it is a daily practice.

If I sat down with the intention to paint, I always came up with something.  But the hardest part was getting to that point. But if I got to that point great things happen.

So lesson learned kids?  Daily practice is a good little mantra to live by if they are good, creative habits.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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