How to Build Community…

This is the How to Build Community poster that is often found on classroom walls and office doors.  It is a great list of simple things you can do now to build community.  Worth the read, trust me.

  • Turn off your TV
  • Leave your house
  • Know your neighbors
  • Look up when you are walking
  • Greet people
  • Sit on your stoop
  • Plant flowers
  • Use your library
  • Play together

    Got Community?
    Got Community?
  • Buy from local merchants
  • Share what you have
  • Help a lost dog
  • Take children to the park
  • Garden together
  • Support neighborhood schools
  • Fix it even if you didn’t break it
  • Have potlucks
  • Honor elders
  • Pick up litter
  • Read stories aloud
  • Dance in the street
  • Talk to the mail carrier
  • Listen to the birds
  • Put up a swing
  • Help carry something heavy
  • Barter for your goods
  • Start a tradition
  • Ask a question
  • Hire young people for odd jobs
  • Organize a block party
  • Bake extra and share
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Open your shades
  • Sing together
  • Share your skills
  • Take back the night
  • Turn up the music
  • Turn down the music
  • Listen before you react to anger
  • Mediate a conflict
  • Seek to understand
  • Learn from new and uncomfortable angles
  • Know that no one is silent although many are not heard
  • Work to change this

Many of us have seen this poster, but do you know where it came from.  The folks at Syracuse Cultural Workers (SCW) wrote the text, and the lovely watercolor artwork seen on the poster is by Karen Kerney.

SCW is a progressive publisher working in cultural materials since 1982. On their webpage they state their mission is to…

“Our mission is to help create a culture that honors diversity and celebrates community; that inspires and nurtures justice, equality and freedom; that respects our fragile Earth and all its beings; that encourages and supports all forms of creative expression.”

Good stuff!  This poster is available online at the SCW website here, and I have seen it at other sites both online and in stores.

For some eye candy, here are some fun buttons that they also feature at their online store….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

H ope this was a good dose of inspiration to start your day!  Happy Sunday.  Make it a great one.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. smilecalm says:

    most wonderful list to share, gratitude!

    1. smilecalm, I am glad you appreciated it. Nice to be reminded of small things we can all do to make the world a little better place.

      Thanks for reading! Happy Sunday.

  2. Professions for PEACE says:

    Thank you for this informative post! I adore this poster and enjoy it in my home office, right next to the window where I enjoy it every day. It IS worth the read. However it had been a gift and I’d not taken the time to learn more of its background, so thanks for sharing this! And the slideshow of buttons is beautiful (I want them all 😉 ). Cheers!

    1. I am so glad you appreciated it! It was on my favorite college professor’s door as well. I wanted to share it on my blog, and went looking for it, but in a Google search, lots of pages popped up. A little digging lead me to the creators. The webpage has pages and pages of fun, funky, and really spot-on messages.

      A list that I never seem to tire of. 😀 Thanks for your comment.

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