For many years, I have collected folk art during my travels.  Packed carefully away in boxes for now, I take a moment every once in a while to take a few pieces out to admire them.  Each piece is small, transportable by being either stuffed into or strapped to the outside of my backpack, and caught my eye in a new landscape.  Wonderful stories come to mind when I look at the little treasures, and I thought it might be fun to share of few of my favorites.

To kick it off, a nativity scene, brought back from a trip to Peru with a dear friend in the fall of 2005.

Peruvian Nativity Scene

This wee family reminds me of the amazing Peruvian people, and how the sight of their brightly colored clothing dotting the steep, lush green slopes of the Andean Mountains as they walked their daily paths left me awestruck.  Never have I been more impressed at the marvels of built structures then standing atop Manchu Picchu, with thin air and jaw dropping scenery.  Truly seemed like a place of the Gods.

Every culture is unique and beautiful in its own way.  I loved the Peruvian style added to this sweet little nativity set.

Wee family!

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