Louie Schwartzberg’s TED talk San Francisco: Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

Brilliant TED talk blending breathtaking time-lapse photography paired with insights both young girl’s perception of discovering wonder’s of the world as well as an elderly man.

Be grateful for the incredible beauty in this world, and that you are able to see them. Faces, natural landscapes, cities, animals, flowers. The list is endless, but be inspired by each and every expression of beauty you encounter. Every Day.

Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

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  1. arinanikitina says:

    I love TED talks. I compiled a list of my favorites at http://www.arinanikitina.com/best-of-ted-top-41-inspirational-ted-talks.html

    1. Great! I love them too, and there are just way too many to sort through them all. It is nice to join forces and get recommendations. Thanks for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. See! Great minds think alike! ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy day to you.

  2. mytiturk says:

    So many truly “awesome” things to be thankful for – and defend by making folks aware… Thanks for liking my post on Inspiration part 2. I like the spirit of the post on ten lessons of life.

  3. mytiturk says:

    Oops. It was my About page you liked. Thanks, and sorry… One more rule (for me) to add to your Ten: don’t use an iPod to reply to likes and comments. The wrong tool.

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