Rocky Mountain Fall

This morning I woke up to see the first frost on the rooftop outside my window. Fall has arrived!  With the leaves changing somehow it shifts me into a bit of reflection mode.  The change of light, color, temperature, and the briskness of the air all tell me the summer is coming to a close and will not make full appearance until next year.

Here in high mountain country in Colorado, the show will be a fantastic one.  The mountains will come alive, setting themselves ablaze with golden leaves of aspen trees, which will fall to the ground, leaving the stark, whiteness of the tree trunks exposed.  The cycle will continue, with the landscape changing with each new season.  As gorgeous as summer is, I always welcome the new season, and know that it will always be back again another day.

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  1. Shelli says:

    The leaves are turning early for us. I was down floating the river and was a little shocked to see so many colors so early! Beautiful.

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