Cool Mexico City Metro Project

Close your eyes.  No, really.  Image a place you would LOVE to be transported to magically.  What image comes to mind?

Well, I crossed paths here with an Australian guy living and working in Mexico City doing a project that transported me straight into one of my favorite cities in the world!

Mexico City, in all it’s craziness,  is a city that I love to visit, and it has popped up here in my *Inspiring A*R*T…Street Art! ” and my “Inspiring C*I*T*I*E*S: Mexico City” posts.  Peter Davies is documenting all the some 148  metro stations in the metro area in the Mexico City Metro Project in photographs.  His photos  highlight the bustling streets surrounding the stations, street art, people, food… name it!  Having visited many stations in the city, I really felt like I was there!

So if you love Mexico City, or are just generally curious, I would recommend checking out his blog.  He is also documenting it on his Matador Network page.

Here are some fun facts about the Mexico City metro:

  • At 3 pesos, it is the 5th cheapest fare in the world.
  •  At an average 1417 millions passengers a year, it is the 5th most traveled metro after the other mega cities of Tokyo, Moscow, New York, and Seoul.
  • Lance Wyman designed the logos and typography for the 1968 Summer Olympic games held in the city.
  • The metro system opened on Septemeber 4th 1969.
  • The colorful logos were designed to be recognizable visually, taking into account the high illiteracy rate at the time.
  • During the 8.1 magnitude earthquake that rocked the city on September 25th, 1985, the metro was not damaged, because of it’s rectangular structural design versus arches.

Public transportation rocks, and using it is a small step you can take to lighten your impact on our great green earth.  What  public or alternative transportation options are you using in your town of city?

6 thoughts on “Cool Mexico City Metro Project

    1. You are very welcome. I checked it and you are right. It does link to your page. I did not click the “open in another screen” box. Thanks for reading and checking for me 🙂

      I fixed it. Cheers!

    1. Thanks! I found DF to be a massive city that is remarkably easy to navigate, and the public transport there impresses me.

      And thanks for pointing me to your blog. I have an interest in Mexico, having traveled and lived there. Looking forward to seeing what your blog brings….what language is it? Seems similar to Spanish, but not exactly. Portuguese?

      1. Yes! You’re right! It’s Portuguese!
        I’m from Brazil and I’ve decided to write in my native language once we almost never find good posts and correct information to brazilian travellers.
        I don’t know if you could understand my posts, but I tried to show how to arrive in the places using public transportation only (what is, sincerely, impossible in my country…)
        Many thanks and in near future I’ll post in English as well.

      2. 🙂 Actually, I know Spanish, so I could read some of it! I also can watch films in Portuguese and understand bits and parts. I enjoy languages, so it is fun for me to know more through your blog. 😀

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